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Singing is a very personalized form of musical expression, as your voice can express the very essence of your nature. From dramatic arias to guttural throat singing, we are capable of producing an astonishing variety of sounds, and a skilled singer can use his or her voice to captivate an audience and convey great depths of emotion.

My Music Head offers singing classes for all ages and levels, with both individual and group sessions. Our vocal/singing teachers cover a wide variety of genres and styles, and we will also help you improve your stage presence and ability to perform, along with your vocal technique. Learn how to sing with experienced teachers, who are also professional performing musicians!

If you just want to amaze people on karaoke night, and wish to focus on a specific song rather than general vocal training, then let us know, and we'll adjust our training style based on your needs.

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Every lesson is tailored to the student's age, level and needs. Kids, adults, beginners, experts — We've got something for everyone.

If you wish to learn more about our singing classes, pricing or lesson packages, give us a call!

KHDA Approved

Approved by KHDA

We guarantee that you will receive a comprehensive musical education from experienced professional instructors, who are deeply passionate about both teaching and performing music.

My Music Head aims to be more than a music school where you can learn to play an instrument. We want to foster a musical community in Dubai, where you can enjoy playing with fellow musicians, whether you're a beginner or an expert. The more you play, the more you will learn, have fun, and the more proficient you will become as a musician.

Our music school is located at 1709 Clover Bay Tower in Business Bay, which is where we conduct all of our lessons and jam sessions. We also offer group classes and ABRSM/Trinity prep.