• Music is a universal language

    No matter what style you want to learn, we'll be happy to teach you!

  • It's never too late to become a star

    We welcome aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels.

  • Practice doesn't need to be boring

    Join our regular jam sessions to learn and chill out with fellow musicians


My Music Head aims to be more than just a music school where you can learn to play an instrument. We want to foster a musical community in Dubai, where you can enjoy playing with fellow musicians. The more you play, the more you will learn, have fun, and the more proficient you will become as a musician.

You choose your instruments and a setup that works for you. Our team will work with you to create regular performance opportunities in private and public settings, at various venues in Dubai.

Join My Music Head and the passionate team of music lovers who will inspire you and and guide you on your musical journey.

Learn and Perform
Benjamin Truchi, Managing Director

Music reaches the deepest and most primal parts of our brains, crossing all borders of culture and race. It can provoke, inspire, connect, inflame, comfort and delight with equal ease. As a lifelong musician, I have dreamed of spreading my love for music to other people, and now, this dream has become a reality.

At My Music Head, I hope to teach my students to cherish and appreciate the beauty of music, and I will ensure that all our instructors are musicians who are deeply passionate about both teaching and performing.

Benjamin Truchi
Managing Director

Benjamin Truchi began the cello at the age of 6 in Cannes, and entered the Nice Conservatoire, graduating with a 1st Prize in cello. He then joined the National Academy of Paris (C.N.R.) and obtained his Perfectionnement in cello. At 17, he was accepted to the prestigious National Conservatory of Music in Paris (C.N.S.M.D.P.) where he graduated at the top of his class with a unanimous 1st Prize in cello. ​He is the 2012 Grand Prize and Public Prize winner of the 2012 Brahms International Competition, Austria, and the 2011 Schlern International Music Festival Competition, Italy. Since then, he has performed as a soloist at various venues around the world.


If you're reading this, you're already interested in music as a hobby, and you'll know that being a musician instantly makes you popular, cool and fun to hang out with (or so we'd like to think)!

Just in case that's not enough and you need more encouragement, we've listed some other benefits of learning a musical instrument.

As a hobby, making music is a convenient indoor activity, which is a relief in the Dubai heat, and playing an instrument can be fun both by yourself and as a group, so you don't have to match schedules with your friends all the time.

Learning a musical instrument...

✔   Improves physical co-ordination
✔   Improves concentration & focus
✔   Increases discipline & patience
✔   Develops creative skills
✔   Boosts memory
✔   Improves social skills
✔   Boosts self-esteem & confidence
✔   Reduces stress


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Classical Guitar

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KHDA Approved

Approved by KHDA

Our music school guarantees that you will receive a comprehensive musical education from experienced professional instructors, who are deeply passionate about both teaching and performing music.


30 min 45 min 60 min
1 session
140 dhs
170 dhs
210 dhs
10 sessions 1400 1250 dhs 1700 1550 dhs 2100 1950 dhs
15 sessions 2100 1800 dhs 2550 2250 dhs 3150 2850 dhs

The prices above do not include a one-time registration fee of AED 150

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Our main location is in Clover Bay Tower in Business Bay, which is where we conduct most of our lessons and jam sessions. However, we also offer music lessons at home in the following locations: Al Barsha, Al Quoz, Business Bay, Downtown, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Umm Suqeim.

If you are outside the mentioned areas of Dubai and would like music lessons at home, please call us or use the contact form to let us know!